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Updated: Jan 15

As we move into this new year together, we acknowledge that our life as a faith community will be changing; expanding to include others; perhaps moving out of our comfort zone to worship in new places. In an effort to open our hearts to what God has in mind for us, we will be arranging shared worship with our neighbors over the next couple of months. We want to create opportunities for connection with parishioners from Immaculate Heart of Mary, St. Stephen Protomartyr and St. Pius V.

Our first opportunity will be for our congregation to travel to St. Pius V. during the weekend of January 28-29. I will be attending the National Catholic Social Teaching Conference in Washinton DC that weekend, so there will be no Masses offered at St. John the Baptist. Our parishioners are encouraged to worship at St. Pius V. attending the 4:30 Mass on Saturday, the 8:00 Mass on Sunday morning or the 10:00 Mass on Sunday morning/ The 10:00 is recommended because there is fellowship (with doughnuts, of course) in the Parish Hall following that Mass.

On February 11-12 we will welcome visitors from the St. Pius V. and from Immaculate Heart of Mary at all of our Masses. We will also host Doughnut Sunday on February 12. Please plan to be here and welcome our neighbors with open arms.

We will then travel to Immaculate Heart of Mary for Masses during the weekend of February 25-26; 4:30 Mass on Saturday, 7:30 and 10:00 on Sunday.

We have not yet scheduled visits with St. Steven. I will do so soon.

Please open your minds, hearts, and wills to what God has in store for us; the Holy Spirit will lead us only to life.

Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.


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