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Happy Mother's Day! May Jesus bring you with your children to thank God together forever in heaven.

Whether we are moms or not, we all have something in common with a good mom: there are people we want to see happy forever in heaven. For me, in my family see happy forever in heaven. For me, in my family and in my circle of friends, some of those people are lost at the moment. They don't know God's love. Or they don't follow Jesus. Or they don't practice the Catholic faith. I would put up with a lot of change - indeed, I would press into a lot of change - to help those people know God, befriend Jesus, and live the faith. How about you?

For me, that is why All Things New is worth it. That's why all the change, all the effort, and all the mess which All Things New will bring will be worth it, because lots of people right near us are lost, and they all have someone, a mom or a friend, praying for them. I want St. John the Baptist parish, St. Stephen Protomartyr parish, and Immaculate Heart of Mary parish to become the community reported by excited moms and friends. "My daughter met people on a parish service project who helped her answer her questions about God!" "My son fround a friendly church and has been going there to pray!" "My friend has called me: she has found friends who are helping her believe again!"

May the Holy Spirit change us through Pentecost, through the All Things New plan, and through all that follows, so we appear in prayers of praise which moms and friends offer to God.

Fr. Aaron Nord, Pastor

Immaculate Heart of Mary


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